Saturday, June 25, 2016

Is The Fate of Humans Really Connected To ETs?

Bob Dean, Father of UFO studies, said he thinks ETs had a hand in our being here and, seems to imply they are concerned about what becomes of us, that, after 5 million years of evolution, they are not going to let us go extinct now.  Seems to imply their fate is intertwined with ours.  I would say they did not have a hand in out being here, any more than we had a hand in their being here, that, we all came into existence by way of the same process.  Further, if our idiocy brings about our own extinction, I don’t think it will bring about the end of their success if they are intelligent.  Conclusion is that they have no bearing on whether or not we are successful.

H.G. Wells writes, circa 1950: “Our universe is not merely bankrupt; their remains no dividend at all; it has not simply liquidated; it is going clean out of existence, leaving not a wrack behind. The attempt to trace a pattern of any sort is absolutely futile.”

I would take issue with the idea here that the universe is bankrupt.  It may be that the earth no longer has potential, but I don’t think it means that is necessarily true of everywhere in the Universe.  I would agree with his following passage, however:

“The writer sees the world as devoid of recuperative power.  In the past he has liked to think that Man could pull out of his entanglements and start a new creative phase of human living.  In the face of our universal inadequacy, that optimism has given place to a stoical cynicism.  The old men for the most part behave meanly and disgustingly, and the young are spasmodic, foolish and all too easily mislead.  Man must go steeply up or down and the odds seem to be all in favour of his going down and out.  If he goes up, then so great is the adaptation demanded of him that he must cease to be a man.  Ordinary man is at the end of his tether.”