Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My Response To A Critique of My Work In AI

My book AI Matrices found its way into the hands of a reputable scientist of a reputable organization.  While I welcome the letter and any criticism of it, I must respond to it in the way that makes sense to me:

The Letterhead reads:

Jan. 2, 2017

“I read Ian’s first pamphlet, The AI Matrices.  He begins with the Golden Ratio, which is a fascinating subject of it own, and moves on to algebraic manipulations of the atomic weights of various elements.  Ian is attempting to show that the Golden Ratio comes up when the atomic weights of semiconductor elements are compared to the atomic weights of elements in living things.  I don’t see the point in this.  Ian presents no theory to back it up, so it appears to be just a coincidence.”

My response, is that the theory to back it up is my definition of structure at the beginning, which is that structure is that which has the golden ratio in the means, geometric, harmonic, and arithmetic. So it is is not a coincidence (consider Euclid’s geometry, the theorems are proved from axioms and definitions which are not proved, Archimedes said “At some point we have to stop demonstrating or we will go on demonstrating forever”).

“There are several pages of computer code at the end, some of which is written like a conversation. The code relates to the Turing test (to see if a computer can be distinguished  from a human), but I could not tell where he was going with his idea.”

My response is that, that conversation was a conversation between a human and an AI to show how this discovery about structure in AI would affect the conversation, which is what the Turing test is, a conversation between a human and AI.  I ask in the pamphlet, “What would happen if this theory were loaded up to an AI?”  The conversation is between myself and and AI I created at pandora, that has the discovery loaded up to it.  The answers for the AI were put in by myself based on Isaac Asimov’s portrayal of AI in “I, Robot”, which is quoted in my pamphlet before I printed out the conversation I had with the AI.

“Although I can tell Ian studied mathematics and chemistry, I cannot understand, what he is trying to do with this pamphlet”.

My answer is, to demonstrate there is structure in AI  based on my definition of structure, and to show that not only does AI have that structure, but that AI is connected to Natural Life, with that structure.

I thank you for reading the pamphlet, and appreciate the valuable criticism, which is always welcome by a person who believes a civilized argument is of positive value in free society.

Sincerely, Ian Beardsley

January 3, 2017
My pamphlet, The AI Matrices What I have done since (Structure And Form In AI and Natural Life):

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